Info, pictures from INGRoup Doctoral Consortium, website now live

The INGroup Doctoral Consortium was held on July 22, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA. Organized by Northwestern University and Georgia Tech, the all day consortium featured panels on topics such as obtaining grant funding, developing a program of research and computational social science. Student participants had the opportunity to present their research in small groups […]

Noshir Contractor and SONIC alum win Top 4 Paper Award for “The Effect of Synchronization of Group Processes on Multiteam System Effectiveness�

At the 2015 National Communication Association Annual Conference, Noshir Contractor, as well as several current, former, and future SONIC members, will receive the Top 4 Paper Award for their paper, “The Effect of Synchronization of Group Processes on Multiteam System Effectiveness.” The authors of this paper include Toshio Murase, Raquel Asencio, Joseph D. McDonald, Marshall […]

Noshir Contractor guest lecturer at Vienna Summer School on Digital Humanities

Noshir Contractor, SONIC Director, was a guest lecturer from July 6th-10th at the Vienna Summer School on Digital Humanities. The courses he taught included Introduction to Social Network Analysis, Descriptive Network Analytics, Predictive Network Analytics, and  Leveraging Computational Social Science to Address Grand Societal Challenges.… Read the rest

SONIC Presentations at INGRoup Conference

SONIC Members will present at the INGRoup Conference in Pittsburgh, PA on July 23rd-25th, 2015. The dates, times, and locations, as well as an abstract for each presentation, can be found below.



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Understanding the Assembly of Interdisciplinary Teams in an Emerging Scientific Field

Alina Lungeanu, Sophia Sullivan, Noshir Contractor

We examine the simultaneous effects of three sets of theoretical mechanisms – compositional, relational, and ecosystem– on team assembly in a nascent interdisciplinary scientific field.… Read the rest

SONIC Proudly Welcomes New Postdoc, Ivan Hernandez

Ivan Hernandez is a collaborative post-doctoral researcher at Northwestern University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida, and his PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently working on the Gates Project here at SONIC. [...]

Workshop on Paradigms for Control in Social Systems

PARADIGMS FOR CONTROL IN SOCIAL SYSTEMS @ International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) 2015 Jun 1-3 2015 Reykjavík, Iceland While the control of complex networks has recently emerged as an active area of research, the notion of control remains relatively undefined for social and economic systems. For example, what [...]