SONIC presented at the Northwestern MTS and TSB graduate recruitment event

SONIC is always committed to attracting great people to work with us. These weeks are busy with graduate recruitment events, as the applicants for the next academic year are making the final decisions about where to pursue their graduate studies. We presented four posters in the Frances Searle Building at the School of Communication recruitment showcase for the Media, Technology, and Society (MTS) and the Technology and Social Behavior (TSB) Ph.D.… Read the rest

SONIC and ATLAS members will be attending the 2017 NASA Investigators’ Workshop in Galveston, TX

SONIC and ATLAS members: eight graduate students, one undergraduate researcher, and two post-doctoral researchers will be attending the NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop in Galveston, TX from January 23rd – January 26th.

Our team is presenting six posters.

Patrick Park: Understanding Elective Task Switching

Ashley Niler:  Impact of Social Connectedness, Communication Delay, and Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Network Similarity in Analog Teams

Zach Gibson: Building Extreme Teams: Simulating team Composition Effects in Isolated and Confined Environments

Ilya Gokhman: Leadership Networks in Space Crews

Igor Zakhlebin Influence of Interpersonal Perceptions on Team Structure in Long-Duration Space Exploration Missions

Gabe Plummer: The Costs of Switching Between Team and Multiteam Tasks and The Role of Shared Cognition

 … Read the rest

SONIC PhD candidate Aaron Schecter and Noshir Contractor presented at the Network Science of Squads Workshop

On Sunday, December 4th, a SONIC PhD candidate Aaron Schecter and Professor Noshir Contractor presented at a workshop titled “The Network Science of Squads“, held in Denton, TX on December 3rd – 5th.

An illustration of the relational event model to analyze group interaction processes


A fundamental assumption in the study of groups is that they are constituted by various interaction processes that are critical to survival, success, and failure.… Read the rest

Noshir Contractor gives a keynote address at the 3rd GESIS Computational Social Science Winter Symposium

On December 1st, 2016, Noshir Contractor presented on Leveraging Computational Social Science to Address Grand Societal Challenges. The symposium, titled “Understanding social systems via computational approaches and new kinds of data”, took place from November 30 – December 1, 2016 at KOMED im MediaPark, Cologne, Germany

The complete schedule of presentations and Noshir’s talk abstract can be viewed following the link below: the rest