Media Coverage

Noshir Contractor has been interviewed about workplace communication and communication technologies by various outlets including CBS News, Chicago Tribune, Chronicle for Higher Education, CNN, Crane Chicago Business, Il sole 24 Ore (Italian Financial Daily), Industry Standard, Public Radio International, Syllabus, National Public Radio, Panorama (Italian Business Weekly), St. Louis Post Dispatch, and a corporate in-house journal for managers.

Selected Media Coverage

Academy of Management. (2023, June 26). Ten Inducted Into AOM Fellows for 2023.

This Daily Live. (2023, April 12). VC Lauds ICA for Establishing Nigeria’s Chapter in UNIPORT.

The Sun Nigeria. (2023, April 8). ICA Nigeria chapter inaugurated, receives Certificate of Establishment.

McCormick. (2022, September 7). Exploring the Future of Human-Computer Interaction and Design.

McCormick. (2022, July 27). Contractor Named Fellow of the Network Science Society.

Economist. (2021, December 18). How to prevent conflict on the way to mars.

McCormick. (2021, December 7). Design and Engineering Intersect in New Event Series.

SciWorthy. (2021, April 15). What happens when astronaut teams don’t get along?

Industry Week. (2020, August 4). What can astronauts teach us about working remotely.

BW Education. (2019, February 25). IIT Madras Hosts The First RBCDSAI ‘Web Science Symposium’.

rbbKultur, 92.4FM, Berlin, Germany. (2020, January 13). Auf der Suche nach dem idealen Team.

MDR Wissen, Podcast, Germany. (2019, October 20). Wie finde ich das beste Team für eine Marsmission?

WBEZ 91.5 Chigago. (2019, May 15). Who Can Handle Trip To Mars? NU Helps NASA Predict Strains On Astronauts. 

The Daily Northwestern. (2019, February 25). Northwestern professors build model for NASA Mars expedition.

Digital Journal. (2019, February 23). Space agencies preparing for 3-year round-trip journey to Mars. (2019, February 23). Astronauts Struggle with Finishing Tasks on Mock Space Missions.

CBC News. (2019, February 22). “It’s like a hall of mirrors’: In a spacecraft, some personalities work better than others.

Design World. (2019, February 21). Mars Mission Gets Help from Predictive Model, Helps NASA

El Comercio. (2019, February 19). Marte | Científicos trabajan en modelo para evitar “fallos psicológicos” en futuros viajes.

cnBeta. (2019, February 19). 西北大学开展模拟太空旅行计划 帮助宇航员更顺利抵达火星 – 科学探索

Daily Illini. (April 5, 2005). Professor to give lecture on effective communication. (March 1st, 2005). Field museum to study social, cultural, artistic resources and achievements of Chicago’s recent Mexican immigrants.

University of Science and Technology of China, News Report. (December 2, 2004). Chinese language coverage of Noshir Contractor being honored as Visiting Professor by University of Science and Technology of China.

Panorama Economy. (30 October, 2003). Italian language feature on Noshir Contractor’s research on knowledge networks.

Daily Illini (May 5, 2003). Class puts knowledge networks in 3-D.

Arttu! (Volume 1, 2000). Finnish language feature on Noshir Contractor’s keynote address titled Emergence of communication networks: A self-organizing systems perspective. At the annual meeting of the Finnish Speech Communication Association. Helsinki, Finland.

Chronicle of Higher Education (July 4, 1998). Coverage of Noshir Contractor’s research on computational modeling of organizational communication networks: Using computer models to study the complexities of human society: Some scholars say the trend is a breakthrough in the social sciences; others believe it’s just a fad.

Spectra (January, 1995). Community building a highlight of tech project.

Chronicle of Higher Education (June 9, 1993). Coverage of report on email use by the White House prepared by students in Noshir Contractor’s undergraduate course on Communication Technologies in the Workplace: White House gets advice on electronic communications.

The Champaign-Urbana News Gazette (June3, 1993). UI prof., students advise White House on e-mail.

Instructional Micro-computing Newsletter (April/May, 1993). Collaborative learning.

Instructional Micro-computing Newsletter (January, 1990). Testing on a network in a hyper-card environment.

LAS News (Fall, 1989). Computers revolutionize undergraduate education.