New sign-in from Chrome on Windows

New sign-in from Chrome on WindowsHi SonicNU,Your Google Account was just used to sign in from Chrome on Windows. SonicNU sonicnorthwestern@gmail.comWindows Thursday, June 18, 2015 12:26 PM (Central Daylight Time) Evanston, IL, USA* Chrome*Don’t recognize this activity?* Review your recently used devices now. Why are we sending this? We […] would like to view your calendar

I’ve been using Google Calendar to organize my schedule, find interesting events, and share my schedule with friends and family members. I’d like to be able to view your calendar to make scheduling things together even easier. would like to view your calendar. To accept this request, please visit: […]

Female peers in small work groups enhance women’s motivation, verbal participation, and career aspirations in engineering

In a new piece in PNAS, Dasgupta,Scircle & Hunsinger demonstrate the importance of team gender composition. They show that females have greater participation, self-confidence, and career aspirations when they are assigned to teams with more females. Abstract: For years, public discourse in science education, technology, and policy-making has focused on […]

How Network Science Is Changing Our Understanding of Law

Original Article: Summary: Konaris et al at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece expanded on existing legal network analysis by extracting “all the documents from the European Community’s legal database dating back to 1951” and organizing the texts into three subnetworks: treaties between countries, regulations and directives [...]

Get your custom Google and YouTube URLs today

Dear SonicNU Good news: You’re now eligible for custom URLs that let you easily point people to your YouTube channel and Google+ profile. Here’s what we’ve reserved for you: You can use these URLs on your website, emails and wherever else you promote your profile or channel. YouTubers, [...]