Snap: Rewriting ‘Art of War’ for social networking — by not documenting anything

Social networks may be the most valuable and durable types of businesses powered by “network effects,” the phenomenon of products or services becoming more powerful the more people use them.

The social-networking companies in our recently launched Network Effect Index — a group of current and formerly public consumer-Web companies valued at $1 billion or more — outperformed the S&P by over 170 percent in the last five years, the most of any business category in the index.… Read the rest

Research networks ‘more important’ for female scientists

Study finds a stronger correlation for women between success and being central to a network

Being well connected is more important for women who want to get ahead in science than men, a study suggests.

By analyzing how patterns of research collaboration relate to scientific outcomes, US statisticians found that highly cited female scientists at top US universities tended to be very prominent within their research networks.… Read the rest

An Ivy League professor says there are only three types of friendships we make

Friendship isn’t always as serendipitous as it might feel. Are you a “tight-knitter”, a “compartmentalizer,” or a “sampler”? According to Dartmouth sociology professor Janice McCabe, whose study of the effects of social connections on academic performance was published this month in the journal Contexts, when forming new friendships, people tend to follow one of these three patterns.Read the rest

Twitter bots “Trumping” during this election

How the Bot-y Politic Influenced This Election:

Nearly 20 percent of all election-related tweets come from an army of influential robots.
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Trump’s Twitter Bots Turned Out on Election Day:

Throughout the campaign, automated propaganda accounts on Twitter leaned Republican, but that disparity increased in the race’s final days.Read the rest