Noshir Contractor presents at Amazon

Noshir Contractor presented research on teams going into isolated (space) environments, titled “Social isolation: A challenge in and out of this world.”  at an invitational workshop organized by Amazon on October 17 in Seattle titled “All Boats Rise? Social Capital, Promise and Peril” in a session titled “No One is an (I) Land.”… Read the rest

Welcome! New SONIC Members


Yuanxin Wang is a visiting scholar from Peking University. She will be working on the Enterprise Social Media project, and her research interests include social media, social network analysis, market and media analysis, and user behavior. She graduated from Beijing Normal University with a B.A.… Read the rest


Generative Modeling of Human Behavior and Social Interactions Using Abductive Analysis


Abduction is an inference approach that uses data and observations to identify plausible (and preferably, best) explanations for phenomena. Applications of abduction (e.g., robotics, genetics, image understanding) have largely been devoid of human behavior.… Read the rest

Seniors’ usage of mobile social network sites

Seniors’ usage of mobile social network sites: Applying theories of innovation diffusion and uses and gratifications

Myung Ja Kim, Choong-Ki Lee, Noshir S. Contractor

Abstract: Seniors are substantial users of mobile devices to communicate and participate in mobile social network sites (MSNS) to interact, but there has been little theoretically based understanding of what motivates seniors’ use of MSNS for tourism.

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