Kyosuke Tanaka’s paper accepted to #ComplexNetworks2018 conference

SONIC research graduate, Kyosuke will be traveling to Cambridge, UK for the Complex Networks 2018 conference. A paper by Kyosuke Tanaka and Agnes Horvat, an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at Northwestern, has been accepted and will also be included in the conference proceedings.
Their paper, titled “Network Strategies and Efficiency in Human Communication Networks,” explains the effect of networking strategies on efficiency in communication networks. Tanaka and Horvat use data-driven computer simulations to examine how manipulations in the form of added, deleted, strengthened and weakened communication channels alter the local and global efficiency of communication networks. Their results indicate that there is a clear trade-off between networking strategies and efficiency. Their findings reassess conventional wisdom about the effectiveness of networking strategies.
Citation: Tanaka, K., & Horvát, E-Á. In Press. Networking Strategies and Efficiency in Human Communication Networks. Proceedings The 7th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications COMPLEX NETWORKS 2018.