SONIC and ATLAS members will be attending the 2017 NASA Investigators’ Workshop in Galveston, TX

SONIC and ATLAS members: eight graduate students, one undergraduate researcher, and two post-doctoral researchers will be attending the NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop in Galveston, TX from January 23rd – January 26th.

Our team is presenting six posters.

Patrick Park: Understanding Elective Task Switching

Ashley Niler:  Impact of Social Connectedness, Communication Delay, and Sleep Deprivation on Cognitive Network Similarity in Analog Teams

Zach Gibson: Building Extreme Teams: Simulating team Composition Effects in Isolated and Confined Environments

Ilya Gokhman: Leadership Networks in Space Crews

Igor Zakhlebin Influence of Interpersonal Perceptions on Team Structure in Long-Duration Space Exploration Missions

Gabe Plummer: The Costs of Switching Between Team and Multiteam Tasks and The Role of Shared Cognition