Congrats, your video is now on YouTube!

Way to go, SonicNU! Your video is now on YouTube. —————————————————————- Fabian Flock – SONIC Speaker Series —————————————————————- Want to spread the word about your newest videos? Forward this mail to your favorite contacts. We’ve sent this email to You can unsubscribe from notifications for finished uploads by visiting [...]

A New Private Chat App for Applebee’s Customers!M99ND A new app was released that allows anyone inside an Applebee’s restaurant to anonymously chat with one another. “The app itself may seem a little ridiculous, but it points to the very real possibility of restaurants – or any establishment, for that matter – creating their own location-based social [...]

Social-Networking Technology Unlocks Mystery of Chimp Civil War Notes of the Chimpanzees were taken over a four year period. The alpha male had died and some of the chimps followed a male named Humphrey, in the North. Others followed two brothers, Hugh and Charlie, in the South. One of the software pieces that helped figure out the [...]

Why you should talk to more strangers

If you’ve ever been on a subway or public bus, you know the rules. Don’t make eye contact, stay as far away from other people as the space allows, and for the love of God, don’t talk to anyone. But what if the rules are wrong? Behavioral scientists Nicholas Epley [...]

New App Helps You Avoid “Friends”

A new iPhone app called Cloak is marketing itself as “Incognito mode for real life.” The app is essentially a map that uses location data provided from social media friends on Foursquare and Instagram to show you where your “friends” are located. The app doesn’t seem to provide any services [...]