Facebook’s ‘Voter Megaphone’ in National Election

FacebookVoterSome facts first:

  • It’s the most wide-open Senate and Governor election in a decade;
  • Young people (Facebook user base) are more Democratic but less likely to get out to vote;
  • There is a strong social influence and peer pressure in social networks.

Tomorrow, Facebook’s high-profile button that proclaims “I’m Voting” or “I’m a Voter” will remind its 150 million users to get out and vote. This may be a deciding factor in the close race. Moreover, what is hidden is that Facebook also takes this as an experiment to study how to affect users’ voting behavior. In the future, social media could offer political campaign services besides traditional marketing and advertising businesses.

More information at http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/10/can-voting-facebook-button-improve-voter-turnout