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Michael D. Siciliano – November 13, 10am


SONIC Lab is proud to welcome Michael D. Siciliano of the Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago. Prof. Siciliano speak on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM in Frances Searle Building, Room 1-489. Please contact Dr. Michael Schultz with any questions.

Christoph Riedl – October 23, 10am


SONIC Lab is proud to welcome Christoph Riedl of the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Prof. Riedl will present a talk on Monday, October 23, 2017 at 10:00 AM in Frances Searle Building, Room 1-489. Please contact Dr. Michael Schultz with any questions.

Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great: Too Bad They’ll Never Work


by Chelsea Barabas, Neha Narula, and Ethan Zuckerman Over the last 13 years, Facebook has evolved from a lifestyle site for college kids into a cornerstone of civic life. It is one of a handful of very large platforms that dominate our online world. As such platforms have gained traction, the web has transformed from an open space for free expression into a corporate-owned gated community of private platforms. The power of giant platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter leads to problems ranging from the threat of government-ordered censorship to more subtle, algorithmic biases in the curation of content users consume. Moreover, as these platforms expand their reach, the ripple effects of exclusion can have serious consequences for people’s personal and professional lives, and users have no clear path to recourse. The platforms that host and inform our networked public sphere are unelected, unaccountable, and often impossible to audit or oversee. In response, there is a growing movement among free speech advocates to create new technology to address these concerns. Early web pioneers like Brewster Kahle have called for ways we might “lock the web open” with code, enabling peer-to-peer interactions in place of mediated private platforms. The idea is to return to ...

SONIC and ATLAS members presenting at AOM 2017


On August 5-8 SONIC and ATLAS members with Noshir Contractor and Leslie DeChurch will present at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) in Atlanta, GA. The conference theme this year is At the Interface. You can find the complete program and schedule here. To see a distilled schedule of SONIC and ATLAS presentations and their abstracts, please follow this link.    

Noshir Contractor at ASONAM 2017 in Sydney, Australia


Noshir Contractor is attending the 2017 IEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) in Sydney, Australia. A paper, co-authored by Noshir is being presented at the conference: Li, Y., Sun, Y., & Contractor, N. (2017, August). Graph mining assisted semi-supervised learning for fraudulent cash-out detection.

SONIC students and Noshir presenting at INGRoup 2017 in Saint Louis


On July 20-22, SONIC doctoral candidate Jackie Ng, SONIC alum visiting researcher Julija Mell, and ATLAS doctoral students Ashley Niler and Lindsay Larson will present at the 12th Annual INGRoup Conference, held in Saint Louis, Missouri. You can see their talks’ details by following the link to INGRoup 2017 Presentations. Noshir Contractor is a panelist on “Sources of Data for Capturing Group Processes and Emergence” at 2017 INGRoup Doctoral Consortium, held on July 20th.  

SONIC papers presented at the 1st NASN Conference in DC


Four SONIC papers were presented at the 1st North America Social Networks (NASN) Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), held on July 26th, 2017 – July 30th, 2017 in DC, USA. Title: “Cultivating the Conference Culture: The Role of Diversity in Interdisciplinary Meetings” by Zachary Gibson, Gabriella Anton, Wouter Vermeer, Diego Gómez-Zará, Connor Bain, Leslie Dechurch, Uri Wilensky and Noshir Contractor Title: “Coevolution of interpersonal perceptions and team structure in long-duration space exploration missions” by Igor Zakhlebin, Alla Vinokhodova, Vadim Gushin, Suzanne Bell, Leslie Dechurch and Noshir Contractor. Title: “The Role of Brokers in Academic Network Building” by Diego Gomez-Zara, Wouter Vermeer, Zachary Gibson, Connor Bain, Gabriella Anton, Leslie Dechurch, Uri Wilensky and Noshir Contractor. Title: “Structured Text Analysis for Evaluating Shared Cognition” by Michael Schultz, Leslie Dechurch and Noshir Contractor.

How does network structure influence the wisdom of crowds?


Researchers at Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania recently published a paper about “Network dynamics of social influence in the wisdom of crowds” in PNAS. They conducted an online network experiment where participants were asked to estimate numeric quantity (e.g., the caloric content) and tested how the accuracy of group estimates changes in different communication networks. They found that in decentralized networks, the group estimates were improved and in centralized networks, the accuracy of group estimates was undermined. Read the full article here.

Noshir Contractor is on the organizing committee and a chair at IC2S2 2017 in Cologne, Germany


This July 10-13 Noshir is attending the 3rd International Conference on Computational Social Science, IC2S2 2017 in Cologne, Germany.  He is on the organizing committee of this conference and is also one of the four chairs. On Wednesday, July 12 Pj Lamberson presents a paper co-authored with Noshir, John Lang, Leslie DeChurch, Brian Uzzi in a Session on Collaboration and Communities. The title of the talk is “Sharing Strategies: Optimal networks for team collaboration and problem solving.” #IC2S2

Igor Zakhlebin presents a talk at JuliaCon 2017


SONIC graduate student, Igor Zakhlebin, has presented at 4th annual Julia developers conference (JuliaCon 2017) held in Berkeley, California on June 20-24. His talk introduced a new network analysis package for Julia language (Junet.jl) that is being developed by him. The talk page: