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Noshir Contractor gave two lectures as an invited speaker at CCS 2017 in Cancun, Mexico


This September, Noshir Contractor was invited to present at the Conference on Complex Systems 2017 in Cancun, Mexico. On Tuesday, Sept 19th, Noshir presented on Leveraging Computational Social Science to address Grand Societal Challenges ( abstract ) in a session titled “Socio-Ecological Systems (SES) – Social Systems and Human Interactions.” On Wednesday, September 20th, Noshir presented on Can CSS motivate New Theories, Data Sources Methods? ( abstract ) in a session titled “Computational Social Science and Complexity: From Socio-Physics to Data-Driven Research. In memoriam Rosaria Conte.”

Noshir Contractor presented at Sciences Po in Paris, France


On Wednesday, October 18, Noshir presented at the Sciences Po conference organized by the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations in Paris, France. The title of his talk was Some assembly required: Leveraging computational social science to understand and enable team assembly.

SONIC and ATLAS members presenting at AOM 2017


On August 5-8 SONIC and ATLAS members with Noshir Contractor and Leslie DeChurch will present at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) in Atlanta, GA. The conference theme this year is At the Interface. You can find the complete program and schedule here. To see a distilled schedule of SONIC and ATLAS presentations and their abstracts, please follow this link.    

Noshir Contractor at ASONAM 2017 in Sydney, Australia


Noshir Contractor is attending the 2017 IEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) in Sydney, Australia. A paper, co-authored by Noshir is being presented at the conference: Li, Y., Sun, Y., & Contractor, N. (2017, August). Graph mining assisted semi-supervised learning for fraudulent cash-out detection.

SONIC students and Noshir presenting at INGRoup 2017 in Saint Louis


On July 20-22, SONIC doctoral candidate Jackie Ng, SONIC alum visiting researcher Julija Mell, and ATLAS doctoral students Ashley Niler and Lindsay Larson will present at the 12th Annual INGRoup Conference, held in Saint Louis, Missouri. You can see their talks’ details by following the link to INGRoup 2017 Presentations. Noshir Contractor is a panelist on “Sources of Data for Capturing Group Processes and Emergence” at 2017 INGRoup Doctoral Consortium, held on July 20th.  

Noshir Contractor is on the organizing committee and a chair at IC2S2 2017 in Cologne, Germany


This July 10-13 Noshir is attending the 3rd International Conference on Computational Social Science, IC2S2 2017 in Cologne, Germany.  He is on the organizing committee of this conference and is also one of the four chairs. On Wednesday, July 12 Pj Lamberson presents a paper co-authored with Noshir, John Lang, Leslie DeChurch, Brian Uzzi in a Session on Collaboration and Communities. The title of the talk is “Sharing Strategies: Optimal networks for team collaboration and problem solving.” #IC2S2

Noshir will address the Web Science Summer School 2017 in St. Petersburg, Russia


On July 1st Noshir Contractor, a cofounder of Web Science Trust, will present at the upcoming WSTNet Web Science Summer School in St. Petersburg, Russia. The title of his keynote address is “Leveraging Computational Social Science to address Grand Societal Challenges.”   Learn more about Web Science Summer School 2017 and its keynotes and speakers here.  

Noshir Contractor participates on a panel at the Digital Innovation Networks Forum


On June 27th Noshir Contractor will take part in a one-day Digital Innovation Networks Forum organized by FIRE – Future Internet Research & Experimentation initiative in Brussels, Belgium. He will be participating in a panel titled “How does the process of innovation need to change as a consequence of increased digitisation and connectivity?” This is a live panel debate bringing together experts from around the world (US, Europe), moderated by Michael Boniface (IT Innovation, FIRE Study). Noshir will present on “The impact of technology affordances on engendering innovation in multidimensional knowledge networks at scale.”

New NASA Grant – Project FUSION


We are very excited to receive a new grant from NASA, on which SONIC’s Noshir Contractor is a Co-Investigator. Project FUSION: Facilitating Unified Systems of Interdependent Organizational Networks Project FUSION was among seven proposals, selected by NASA’s Human Research Program to help answer questions about astronaut health and performance during future long-duration missions beyond low-Earth orbit. These proposals will investigate the impact of the space environment on various aspects of astronaut health, including behavioral health and performance, cardiovascular alterations, human factors and radiation effects. All of the selected projects will contribute to NASA’s long-term plans for deep space exploration, including to Mars. Project Team: Dorothy Carter, University of Georgia (PI), Marissa Shuffler, Clemson University (Co-I), Leslie DeChurch, Northwestern (Co-I), Noshir Contractor, Northwestern (Co-I), Aaron Schecter, University of Georgia  (Co-I), Shawn Burke, University of Central Florida (Consultant), Stephen Zaccaro, George Mason University (Consultant), & Lauren Landon, Wyle Laboratories, Inc. (Consultant) Sending a team of humans to Mars will require extreme forms of teamwork across complex “Multiteam Systems” comprised of multiple teams that are separated by unprecedented degrees of space and time (e.g., mission control teams, spaceflight crews). In “Project FUSION: Facilitating Unified Systems of Interdependent Organizational Networks” we will combine findings from qualitative research with NASA personnel, agent-based computational models, and ...

Noshir Contractor was a plenary speaker at the Collective Intelligence Conference


Noshir Contractor gave a plenary talk in a session titled “Organizing and Organizations” at the Collective Intelligence Conference. CI is the fifth annual interdisciplinary conference dedicated to advancing our understanding of collective intelligence and the workings of groups. The conference took place at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering on June 15-16, 2017.